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Net Zero Energy

Reach self-reliance with a 100% solar system. Incorporate EV chargers, battery backup systems, and backup generators. Sprayfoam, tankless water heaters, state-of-the-art appliances smart appliances.


Toxin Free Buidling Material

Paints, Floorings, Carpets, Sustainable woods, local stones, native plants, and non toxic fabrics selected and preffere.

Commercial Sustainability Goals

Meet the business’s sustainability goals while protecting cash flow and preserving cash. Upgrade current insulation levels, appliances, windows and doors while boosting aesthetic.

Executive Chef Grade Kitchens

100% handcrafted solid wood(s) cabinentry. Convenient door hinge accessories. Workstations with drainer grooved countertops and accent-adding lighting.

Heated & Stamped Driveways

Heated driveway as well as stamped means the driveway will always match your vehicle quality and will never ice when you need the car the most. No need for shoveling when the snow melts right off. Add local stones to created a masterpiece as guest drive in to the home.

Spa Baths

Heated floors, steam shower systems, heated towel holder, massage shower, shower steamer, light-inducing sleep aids, jacuzzi, curbless entry, tempered door.

Custom Handcrafted Furniture

Let us craft and create masterpieces for your home such as dining room tables, sofas, bed sets, accent tables, and unique chairs to rest and make a statement.

Native Area Plant Gardening | Fine Landscaping

Plant native area vegetation to conserve the landscape and eliminate invasive species.


Enjoy the space outdoors and make it a welcoming and uplifting space to entertain. Enclosed or exposed Pergolas with electric heaters and self-opening and closing mosquito nets


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